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In the San Francisco, CA, area, people that are concerned with their future, and that of their intended heirs, get the legal advice and assistance they need at the Law Office of Attorney Shelley S. Feinberg. This law firm provides experienced legal counsel and representation for Estate Planning; Wills & Trusts; Probate, and other issues that involve the protection of assets and property.

Law Office of Attorney Shelley S. Feinberg

Attorney Shelley Feinberg
San Francisco Estate Planning Attorney Shelley S. Feinberg has been providing comprehensive Estate Planning services since 1999 in a comfortable and relaxed environment located in historic James Flood Building. Offering honest legal services on a flat fee basis, she primarily serves people from San Francisco, CA, including San Mateo County and Alameda County.

Many people seek help from this experienced Estate Planning Attorney in San Francisco for developing valid documents that achieve their goals in the following areas of concern:

  • Estate Planning – A variety of valid documents can ensure that your wishes are followed if you ever are incapacitated, and also after your death. Make sure your business and personal assets and property are handled the way you desire, and that your heirs receive the gifts you want them to inherit. You should have certain documents created that are valid for managing your affairs, including Powers of Attorney and Medical Care Directives.
  • Wills & Living Wills – For some people, a simple Will is sufficient; others with larger estates need more comprehensive documents. Without a valid Will, your estate will be processed by an impartial Probate Judge who will have no knowledge of your wishes. If your estate does move into Probate, a Will indicates your desires for estate management and can designate who you want to manage your affairs.
  • Trusts – With larger estates, or when you have loved ones that need special care, Trusts are very important. This is an excellent way to protect assets for loved ones and to set up plans for your own care in the future.
  • Probate – Many times, an estate moves into the lengthy and costly Probate process, even with a Will. A Probate Judge oversees estate matters, but they may be unaware of your wishes for estate management. Other times, you may need help when you are appointed to be an Administrator of someone else’s estate by a Probate Judge.

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To learn more about these important legal options for Estate Planning, Wills & Trusts, or Probate, contact the law firm of Shelley S. Feinberg, Attorney at Law, in San Francisco, CA. Call now at 415-421-1893.

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