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Some of the first elements of Estate Planning that people usually consider important to have are Wills and Trusts. San Francisco Attorney Shelley S. Feinberg is an experienced Estate Planning Attorney who has helped hundreds of people gain peace of mind through creation of valid documents that protect their assets and property holdings.

Estate Planning with Shelley S. Feinberg, Attorney at Law

Estate Planning; Wills & Trusts; Probate – these are common areas of concern for many people in the San Francisco region of California. Since 1999, San Francisco Wills and Trusts Attorney Shelley S. Feinberg has been providing complete estate planning services to people from San Francisco, San Mateo County and Alameda County. She offers legal services on a flat fee basis, in a comfortable and relaxed environment located in historic James Flood Building.

Shelley S. Feinberg, Attorney at Law, works closely with each client, giving them the personalized attention they need to create valid estate plans. She helps them develop solid legal strategies to preserve and protect their hard-earned assets and property holdings. With valid documents, your wishes for the future will be respected whenever they might be affected by legal processes, including Probate.

California Wills & Trusts Attorney

Many people accumulate substantial property and assets during their lifetime. These holdings can be at risk of loss, if you do not protect them by having a valid Will or Trust draw up by an experienced San Francisco Estate Planning Attorney. With this action, you get to decide who manages your estate if you ever are incapacitated or need special care, and you can appoint the heirs you want to inherit your estate holdings after your death.

There are a variety of documents available to use for your estate planning needs, including simple to complex Wills, Living Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, and Medical Care Directives. These documents also can be revised as needed, should your financial or estate positions change over time.

If your estate winds up in Probate, an impartial Judge will appoint others to manage your affairs while you are incapacitated or after your death, without knowing your wishes. Your best defense in advance of any problem is to work with experienced San Francisco Wills and Trusts Attorney Shelley S. Feinberg to develop valid documents that offer the protection you need, for yourself and your future heirs.

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To learn more about creation of Wills, Trusts, and other estate planning documents, contact the law firm of Shelley S. Feinberg, Attorney at Law, in San Francisco, CA. Call now, at 415-421-1893.

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