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For many people who have larger estates, dealing with Trusts and Trust Administration is an important issue that is best faced with support from an experienced San Francisco Trust Administration Attorney. At the Law Office of Attorney Shelley S. Feinberg, people who face Trust Administration and other Estate Planning matters can get the help they need from an honest and competent legal professional.

Estate Planning & Trust Administration

Shelley S. Feinberg, Attorney at Law, has helped hundreds of people from San Francisco, CA, San Mateo County and Alameda County deal with all aspects of Estate Planning and management, including Trust Administration. She has over 16 years experience in this area of law practice as a San Francisco Estate Planning Attorney. She takes the necessary time to work with each client she serves on an individual basis, because every case is truly unique and deserves special care.

People who set up or want to establish a Trust Fund for estate management have many decisions to make, including the eventual Administration of their estate assets and property that are held within the Trust. Others are in need of competent legal advice when they are unexpectedly assigned the job of Trust Administration by a Probate Judge.

Frequently, when a person dies or is incapacitated, their Will or Trust may also go through the Probate process before the estate can be managed. In some cases, the Probate Judge will need to appoint someone to administer the estate. Generally, this easily could be a complete stranger, unfamiliar with any of the decisions you want made.

Estate Issues – Administration, Probate

When you have to deal with any type of San Francisco Trust Administration or other management issues of an estate, be sure to contact the Law Office of Attorney Shelley S. Feinberg for direction and honest legal advice, consul and representation. It is never too early to think about these things and to plan for the future you envision.

Probate is a long and expensive process that may be avoided; any help you get today will reap benefits when the time comes to deal with future estate issues. There are many options available that allow you to direct the control and management of your estate assets and property, now and in the future. Do not delay in taking action to protect what you have worked so hard to earn.

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If you have concerns about Estate Planning or Trust Administration issues, contact the law firm of Shelley S. Feinberg, Attorney at Law, in San Francisco, CA. Get the honest answers and attention you need; call Shelley now, at 415-421-1893.

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