San Francisco Probate Attorney

If you are dealing with any issue related to estate planning or probate in the San Francisco area, you need a qualified San Francisco Probate Attorney on your side.

Why You Need a Estate Planning or Probate Attorney

Although it may not be anyone’s favorite activity, estate planning is a necessary part of life. Having a solid estate plan in place is especially important if you have significant assets to consider or people who depend on you for financial support. A San Francisco Estate Planning Attorney can help you make sure that your loved ones are protected and that your assets are distributed appropriately in the event of your death. Some of the tools that may be used to create your estate plan include, wills, revocable trusts, irrevocable trusts and powers of attorney. In many cases, more than one estate planning tool will be used to create a customized estate plan.

If you are involved in the resolution of a deceased person’s estate, on the other hand, you may need the services of a probate attorney in San Francisco. A probate attorney who provides services in San Francisco and the surrounding area can help you understand your role in the processing of the estate so that you can protect your interests. If you have been named as the administrator of a deceased person’s estate, for example, your probate attorney will help you take all of the steps necessary to move the estate through probate as quickly as possible. Probate attorneys can also provide services to individuals who have an interest in a probated estate but are not acting as administrator.

Hiring a Probate or Estate Planning Attorney

If you are looking for a probate or estate planning attorney in San Francisco, look no further than Shelley S. Feinberg, Attorney at Law. Attorney Feinberg provides comprehensive probate and estate planning services throughout San Francisco, and she can help you accomplish your goals. Whether you need to create a new estate plan, modify an existing estate plan or begin the processing of a probated estate, Attorney Feinberg will help you understand all of the applicable laws and take the proper action.

To learn more about her services, please contact Shelley S. Feinberg, Attorney at Law, today.

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